Game Rules

The following rules apply to all Armada Battle servers. If you think you've been unfairly punished, please contact the support team.We can process requests and complaints for certain accounts only after the control and approval of the account holder in accordance with the data privacy principles.

1. Multiple accounts & bulk IP connections

Each player can have multiple accounts on a server. It has to specify this with a function added to the game. This function must also be used if more than one player enters the game via the same IP address. Both multiple accounts and access via the same IP address are automatically subject to certain limitations. Disabling these restrictions with the help of other players is prohibited.

2. Contents

The following content is not allowed on platforms linked to Armada Battle:

Swearing at other people (both publicly and through hidden allusions to the profile, name, messages, player names, player profiles) and engaging in inappropriate behavior
Political or religious opinion, to declare any kind of pornographic, racist or radical opinion
Sending unsolicited messages and advertising for non-Armada Battle, events and web pages
In order to distribute false information or threaten other players with sanctions, the player is prohibited from introducing himself as an Armada Battle employee or part of the community team.

3. In-Game Purchase

Once any product has been purchased with money, it can never be returned if it performs any action in the game and for no reason. (check logbook ) if he does not take any action after his purchase, only his most recent purchase will be refunded. Only in case of a faulty transaction are returned. So only the last purchase process is evaluated. The money is returned within the refund period determined by the payment system.

4. Penal System

a. Warning Penalties 
Penalty Time: 30 minutes

Chat Filtering
When one of the banned words or a collection of meaningless characters is used in our system, it will be inserted into our filtering system and will be automatically punished by the system. Words filtered to prevent abuse are not shared.

Flood / meaningless character usage
The penalty is applied if the same characters/words or aimless text are repeated or written down repeatedly in game chat. In some cases, the Chat authority may send an instant warning message on its own initiative in order to avoid a ban.

b. Other Penalties

Penalty Time: 1 hour - unlimited chat ban or 1 day - unlimited time account ban can vary between.

Another game, site, product etc. talking about them or promoting them is the cause of punishment.

Insults, profanities and slang
Political contents
Sharing personal information
In the game's public chat, players share their own personal information, disclose other players ' personal information, and provide personal information from other players (address, phone, etc.).) they are prohibited from requesting.

Blasphemy/insult to family and religious values
Threat to real life
Any threat or blackmail to other people ( Users, team members and Armada Battle employees ) to their real life is prohibited.

It is forbidden to give other players their own session information.
Any speech that provokes other players against the game, game management or game officials, person, group, organization or state, which will alienate or disrupt the game

c. Fines For Closing Accounts With Certainty

Penalty Period: Unlimited Time Account Ban

Different impersonations
Players are not allowed to identify themselves as any recent Armada Battle employee, manager or relative, or to engage in behavior intended to deceive players by impersonating other players. 

User/armada name or Armada text against the rules
In the game, the user name, armada name, Armada text, such as user-controlled content; players Company or administrators are prohibited from using an impersonating user name. The names that the user can identify in the game should not contain any form of profanity, insult or derogation, and political content should not be used in these names.

Trading or transfer of accounts
In case of determination of account purchase-sale or transfer, criminal sanction is applied.

Racism, separatism
Pornographic or illegal content
Game errors misconduct and unfair gain

Macro software/utility / bot usage and account hacking
If players deliberately use any game deficits or errors without reporting them to management, their accounts will be closed if they make unfair gains by exploiting these deficits and errors. Any known game deficit or error must be reported to game management immediately. It is strictly forbidden to gain an advantage over other players with the help of software. This applies absolutely to account hacking, bot, macro, utility and other types of automated skript usage.


All situations specified in the penal system are against the rules of Armada Battle and are prohibited. If the person is authorized, he / she will be punished for any violation of the rules made via Chat. Otherwise, it will be banned if it is reported to the support team later. Armada Battle officials have no immediate prohibition obligation.

Unless otherwise stated, the rules set forth herein apply to all platforms and social media accounts where the game takes place.

In cases not written here, admin can use its own initiative.

If the rules are updated, an announcement will be made on the Facebook page. The player is responsible for following these announcements.

In the event of any violation of the rules, your only recourse is the support team. Players can submit their claims and statements to the support team using the support system via the "report an error" tab from within the game.

These rules complement the general terms of Use and must be complied with.