Armada Battle

Privacy Policy

Armada battle is committed to protecting your personal information. The Privacy Policy described below outlines the personal information received from you and how that information is processed and used.
The subject matter of this Privacy Policy
This privacy statement applies to all services and products offered on the Armada battle internet pages, in particular on the Armada Battle Internet portal or on each online game page. Unless otherwise stated, this Privacy Policy Statement only regulates the activities of Armada battle in matters relating to your personal information. When you use third party products or services, only third party privacy terms apply. Armada battle does not control the privacy of third parties.
We only collect, process or use your personal information if we do not intend otherwise under current laws. If the approval process occurs electronically within the framework of the internet service we offer, we will take into account our Legal disclaimer.
Acquisition of information in order to fulfill the provisions of the Convention
Basically, you can use the internet service we offer without disclosing any personal information to us. You can freely decide at any time if you want to provide us with personal information. Our goal in registering your information is to comply with the terms of the Agreement we have entered into with you. In this respect, with the verification of compliance with the terms of use and the rules of the game, especially the payment transactions you have made in accordance with the procedure is audited. You must enter your personal information when registering on our websites, participating in award-winning games, or subscribing to our newsletter. In this context, the information required is, for example, your name, address, e-mail address or other personal information requested by the game in exceptional circumstances. On the other hand, other information, such as the IP address, must also be recorded when a customer logs in, in order to ensure that the services we offer are technically functioning or to check whether our services are being used in compliance with law or contract. In order to properly operate the relationship between the service server and the user, it is especially important to check whether the terms of use and the rules of the game are complied with. If we provide you with clients to download for participation in our games, a program may be installed to prevent unauthorized use of the game and data manipulation, as well as the installation of this client, from modifying the game or interfering with the game for cheating purposes. Such programs are started with the relevant game and only help protect the request and server-side data of the respective game. When playing the game, the client software can be analyzed, Technical Communication of the client and our server, as well as technical manipulations and ancillary tools (especially hackers and tricks) that are not permitted. Apart from this, your computer and data are not analyzed. In particular, in-game communication and data stored on your computer that does not belong to the game is not analyzed strictly. Unless any changes have been made to the communication between your computer, client, or server, personal information will not be recorded and will not be transferred to the corresponding game server or the game. When a technical manipulation and violation of the terms and conditions of use and the rules of the game is detected, the data required to combat abuse is transferred to us. When it comes to installing a game of this kind, we also inform you of this in addition. You can cancel the installation at any time, or you can undo the installation by canceling the installation or removing the client from your computer.
For technical reasons, we use our own cookies, as well as the Google Analytics cookies described above, as many other companies do to enable you to use the Internet services we offer in the most convenient way possible. These cookies are usually automatically deleted from your hard drive after you visit our website. However, some cookies may remain on your hard drive for technical reasons for longer periods of time. It is possible to set the browser you are using to reject all cookies in general or to delete them in exceptional circumstances.If you do not want cookies to be saved or if you want to delete some cookies, follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the browser you are using. In this case, you may not use our websites at all for technical reasons, or use them only as restricted.
Registration of data for statistical purposes
In some parts of our Internet services, we record operating system and version, browser and version, IP address and other similar system data within the framework of statistical analysis. We use this data to perform statistical analysis to tailor the Internet services we provide to user needs, for example. This data is recorded as anonymous as possible. Data is not transferred to third parties.
Withdrawal of approvals
If processing your personal information is not based on contractual or legal arrangements, you may withdraw your consent to processing your personal information at any time. If the confirmation you wish to cancel is related to the purchase of e-newsletters or other e-mails, we will provide you with an understanding of what options are available for the cancellation process. Please refer to the support section of the website that you are using or the game that you are playing for cancellation of your consent on other matters.
Using nicknames
Our services can be used only by nicknames in many cases. Users are required to take advantage of this opportunity.
The use of your data
We use your personal information to tailor and improve the services we offer to you. We use your personal information to certify, process and process your use of the game or to process payment transactions. We also use your information to communicate with you. This includes notifying you via e-mail when necessary about what's new in the services we offer. In this context, we use your personal information to regularly inform you of certain situations relating to products, services and services that we think may be of interest to you, and the services that we offer. We also have the option to send you customer surveys via email. Another purpose in using your information is to prevent malicious use of our websites and to monitor unauthorized access.
Transmission of your information to third parties
We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We only transmit personal information from you except for the use of Google Analytics to third parties under the scope of the following: payment service providers (ex. credit card companies, banks, GSM operators, collection agencies etc.service providers who create and prepare statistics, it service providers (eg. we work in cooperation with data centers, host providers, backup Services, database services). These service providers have sufficient access to your personal information so that they can perform their duties only. These service providers are obliged to process your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement and relevant information protection laws. If the company sells or part of a company under control, customer information is generally transferred along with the transferred part of the company. However, your information is, of course, subject to this Privacy Statement and applicable information protection laws.
Final provisions
Armada Battle reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time, but we will always consider applicable data protection legislation.