Game Rules

The following rules apply to all Armada Battle servers. If you believe that you have been wrongly punished, please contact the support team. We can only process your requests and complaints related to certain accounts in the direction of data privacy principles after checking and approval of the account holder.

1. Multiple accounts & aggregate IP connections

Each player can have more than one account on a server. You have to specify this with a function added to the game. This function should also be used when multiple players log in to the game through the same IP address. Access to both multiple accounts and the same IP address is automatically subject to certain restrictions. It is forbidden to disable these limitations with the help of other players.

2. Account sharing

It is forbidden to give their own session information to other players.

3. Taking advantage of mistakes

Taking advantage of errors and / or software mistakes and abusing them in their own interests is prohibited. If the player finds an error, he must immediately notify the Support team.

4. Bots and scripts

It is forbidden to gain advantage over other players with the help of software. This bot is also valid for the use of macros and other types of automated scripts.

5. Threats

It is forbidden to endanger violence to other persons (users, team members or employees of Armada Battle).

6. Contents

Platforms associated with Armada Battle do not allow the following content:

To swear at other people (both publicly and professionally, by name, by messages, by player names, by hidden signs in player profiles) and by being in inappropriate behavior
To declare political or religious opinion, any pornographic, racist or radical opinion
Send unwanted messages and advertise for events and web pages outside of Armada Battle
In order to distribute false information or threaten other players with sanctions, it is forbidden for the player to identify himself or herself as part of the Armada Battle employee or community team.

7. General terms of use

These rules comply with the general terms of use and must be observed.