Frequently Asked Questions

Since our game is developed with the latest technologies, you can play from your mobile device's browsers (Google Chrome is recommended). In addition, we are working on publishing application to mobile platforms as soon as possible. (date not yet determined)


Every product sold in the game can be obtained by not depositing money. This is our RED LINE! In our game, there are even players who are ranked in the rankings or 1st place without depositing any money.

Continuously improve our game and make it a game that attracts all players in the world, including our own category. Every day, our game gets better. We're getting closer to our goal ...

All rights of our game have been purchased for unlimited time. All our legal frameworks have been created to offer the player unlimited playtime. In no case can it be permanently closed. After the payments are transferred to our legally-controlled, state-controlled company through 100% secure payment systems, the product you purchase is transferred to your player account. (Some payment systems are billed monthly)

At least 25 official events are held each year. Apart from these, we produce new and traditional activities for our game.

You can tell people around you about our game, you can make advertising. Our game is currently have the only in-game purchases as income model, purchases can make our game faster development. You can join our game team for specific tasks by filling out the "Gamemaster Application Form" at the bottom of the site. You can also contact us for sponsorship and advertising offers.

We use all the money we earn to expand the technical team, promote the game and bring in new features to improve the game faster and better.