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Captain! Prepare your sails, collect your crew and take the first step to dominate the ocean!

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Amazing Atmosphere

While playing, you will feel like a captain of a pirate ship that manages your ship, Istanbul and other city-based maps and more.

Windless Wars

You will battle yourself with great country battles, island battles and Armada wars, bringing a new perspective to the world of E-Sports with 200 wars and 200 battles with country battles.

Unity and Sincerity

With Armada Battle, we will show how to improve the feelings of unity and solidarity among people of an online game all over the world. You are confronted with a game where the player is at the heart of the developer...

About Armada Battle

Initially you start with a small lifeboat piracy journey on the map of the sea you meet later in the system ships and other players by sinking, sea monsters by collecting crates, collecting crates to strengthen the ship. Increase your level with piracy exams; You have the privilege of being on top maps, new system ships and more powerful players. But do not forget to have a reputation on this road to be the bottom of the sea!



Level (more soon)




Ship Design


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